Consultants for Human Development

Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey

ADEMA as a member of ACONI is collaborating with The Foundation of Barrier Free Society- ETOD (Engelsiz Toplum Oluşturma Derneği), Ankara Rehber Akademi Derneği-ARAD and with the Ankara Union of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chambers-ANKESOB, in the developing of 3 new projects for the EU-Turkey "Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey".

 The projects are the following:

Design and Implementation of Food safety and Quality International Standards for SMEs in Ankara. The main objective of the project is to introduce and prepare to the SMEs companies in Ankara, to implement Food Safety and Quality international Standards.

Turkey EU Entrepreneurs Network Exchange in Ankara. With the objective to promote the entrepreneurship and innovation in Ankara and province.

Pedagogical and Professional Improvement for TVET Education in Marmak District (Ankara). The overall objective is to improve the educational and pedagogical capacity of TVET teachers and the quality of the TVET education.