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Developing a Social Project in Palestine

  Palestine needs assessment study fort the scholastic year 2014-2015

The Overall objective of the Project is to evaluate the needs of the Youth in Palestine for the current scholastic period 2014-2015.

We are going to develop interviews in depth with representants of the main educational institutions and NGOs in Palestine.


The first phase of the Project started in the last October visiting the following institutions:

Educational Institutions

  • Dar Al Kalima School- Bethlehem
  • STS-Salesian Technical School- Bethlehem

  • AAUJ – American Arab University- Jenin


  • Shiraa- Bethlehem
  • SAHE - Hebron - Sorief

  • Juhoud - Ramallah

  • W.F.L – Salfeet

  • Hanan- Salfeet-Qira

  • BILAL & WILDALY- Jenin

  • Tam – Bethlehem

 Governmental Institutions

  • Ministry of labor- Ramallah
  • Ministry of Education. - Ramallah


Adema Management is developing this project in collaboration with YEDF- NGO Forum -Youth Education Development Forum Association – Bethlehem. Palestine.

The YEDF- NGO Forum was established in the year 2010 in Bethlehem city by the main stakeholders of the youth education NGO institutions and individual education experts, currently it have ( 55 ) members, from all of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem.

The Main Vision of YEDF- NGO Forum - Palestine is linking all the Youth and educational institutions, and the Palestinian youth targeted groups, as well vocational training and technical institutions with all of the production elements, by linking all of the education and youth sector with the industry and trade institutions and private sector institutions.


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