About Us

ADEMA Management, S.L. is a Spanish consulting firm with a great experience in International projects in countries like: Europe: Spain, Albania, Italy, France, Macedonia, and Lithuania. Asia: West Bank and Gaza, Afghanistan, Cambodia, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Lao, Thailand and Latin America;: Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil. El Salvador, Honduras, Panama. Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania.

The international consultants of Adema Management has experience as experts and consultants of international projects funded by the EU and other international organizations, in economic and social development projects and also in institutional strengthening citizen participation projects, working with international organizations like EU or UN-UNPD.

ADEMA Management is a Spanish firm dedicated to consulting Companies and public bodies, specialized in business development and project management. It began operation in 1988, developing consulting in business management, marketing, research and training. Since 2000 is a member of ACONI (International Association of Consulting Companies and Advanced Services), with the General Aims of:

  • Fomenting the development of the countries from a solidarity and cooperation perspective.
  • Contributing to the improvement of entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization, promoting growth, economic and social development.
  • Cooperating with the different social organizations in order to get a stable growth and an adequate level of quality of life within the surroundings and a necessary social peace.
  • Responsible for developing and coordinating the work abroad, and relations with the European Union and foreign Companies and institutions.

The activities and services developed for ADEMA Management are:

  • Business management
  • Financial management advice
  • Project Management
  • Projects Monitoring& Evaluations
  • Social, Economic and Market research
  • Human resources: Capacity Building, Recruitment, career and curriculum development, Training, etc.
  • Economic development, employment, entrepreneurship, sustainability.
  • Tourism development
  • Social Development: Gender, Heath, Social Inclusion, Person with disabilities, unemployment, etc.
  • Democracy, Civil Society and Social Participation,
  • Education and TVET.
  • Advice to Local, Regional and National Governments, Public administration and Institutions.
  • Architecture design, buildings, public and private
  • Facility management
  • Urban, industrial and rural planning
  • Civil engineering: structures, transports (roads, train), water supply, environment services, waste management, etc.
  • Industrial engineering, electricity, power, solar plants
  • International trading: export-import

Adema Management, today, is a firm sufficiently integrated into the market with extensive international experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia, developing projects of local, national and international organizations, public and private.

Since 1989 we have developed consultancy and capacity building projects in several companies and Public institutions: monitoring & evaluation, human resources, social inclusion, employment, youth, health, education, Capacity Building, Education, Financial and Business Management.